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Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes (F) (NF,SF)

What’s for dinner tonight! How about pan-fried chicken cutlets, wine-soaked mushrooms, and blistering cherry tomatoes in a tempting Marsala wine sauce? 

Recommended pairing: Vegetable Truffle Risotto 



Blue Cheese French Burger (F) (NF,SF)

As a French Chef I could not resist to put a twist on this iconic American dish! The blue cheese (we use Roquefort cheese) melts during grilling resulting in a flavorful and juicy bite. I add another twist by using sliced French gruyere cheese and endive tossed in a mustard vinaigrette to replace the lettuce and mayo. You will still get the sliced tomato and onion. 


The burger is grilled rare, and it comes with a bun.

Option 1: available without the blue cheese.

Option 2: available uncooked and you grill it yourself. 

Recommended pairing: California Sunset Salad



Pork Fricassee (F) (GF,NF,SF)

Not familiar with fricassee? Call it a French Stir-Fry. It is a cross between a stir-fry and a stew with a creamy Lemon-Tarragon-Mustard Sauce. Here, juicy pork tenderloin is teamed with mushrooms and artichoke hearts, and everything is cooked in one pan.

Recommended pairing: Potato Gratin



Jamaican Jerk Mahi Mahi with Pineapple Chutney (GF,DF,NF,SF)

This lightly spicy classic of the Caribbean roasted to perfection and expertly spiced. 

Recommended pairing: Jamaican Rice and Peas


Wild Card:

Maryland Crab & Corn Chowder (F) (NF,SF)

Crab soup often comes in one of two ways – either a creamy chowder-like soup, or a brothy stew full of veggies. My version takes a little from both worlds and makes for a combination that will have your whole family asking for more!

Recommended pairing: Classic Succotash



Vegetable Truffle Risotto (F) (GF,NF,SF)

Truffle-scented risotto is one of the most luxurious—and simplest—of risottos. WE pack ours with seasonal vegetable such as carrots, asparagus, leeks, summer squash. Our tradition-busting recipe guarantees the creamiest, silkiest, most delicious version possible.


California Sunset Salad (GF,DF,SF)

The ultimate healthy kick! Chopped kale, beets, carrots, mandarins, pistachios, cherry tomatoes, and wild rice. It is lightly dressed with a tahini-based vinaigrette - energizing and cleansing.


Potato Gratin (GF,NF,SF)

In this classic gratin, thinly sliced/scalloped potatoes soak up all the goodness of a milk-and-light cream mixture that has been spiked with nutmeg. A sprinkling of grated Gruyere cheese on top becomes golden in the oven.


Jamaican Rice and Peas (F) (GF,DF,SF)

As odd as it sounds, there are no peas in this recipe. It is made with rice, red beans, coconut milk and fresh herbs. It is the traditional and perfect accompaniment to jerk chicken.


Classic Succotash (GF,DF,NF,SF)

Packed with healthy veggies like onion, corn, tomato and lima beans, this traditional Southern side is finished with a touch of red wine vinegar and tossed with minced chives and dill.  


(F) = you can freeze that dish if needed. My meals will last for 5-6 days and they don’t need to be frozen. I indicate which meals are freezable in case you want to save it for later.








Week 2 Weekly Meal Prep - Serves 2 People

  • Copy and Paste From This List:




    Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes

    Blue Cheese French Burger

    • Option 1: available without the blue cheese.
    • Option 2: available uncooked and you grill it yourself. 

    Pork Fricassee 

    Jamaican Jerk Mahi Mahi with Pineapple Chutney

    Maryland Crab & Corn Chowder




    Vegetable Truffle Risotto

    California Sunset Salad

    Potato Gratin

    Jamaican Rice and Peas

    Classic Succotash



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