Week of August 8th



Chicken Scarpariello (F) (GF, DF, NF, SF)

The root name of this dish is “little boots” which is a reference to the process of scraping the sauce up off your plate with a piece of bread after a meal. Basically, these chicken thighs have a sauce that is so great, you’ll not want to let a drop go to waste. Made from garlic and peppers, it’s bright, delicious and out of this world!

Note: We can prepare this dish with white meat chicken if you prefer.

Recommended pairing: Ratatouille

Steak Fajitas with Grilled Cabbage & Scallions (NF)

The vegetables will still have plenty of bite when you pull them off the grill; you want a mix of textures between the tender steak, crisp toppings, and soft tortillas. Note: This dish can be made gluten free by substituting corn tortillas.

Recommended pairing: Arroz con Gandules

Tonkatsu (F) (NF)

A favorite of my personal chef clients, these breaded and fried pork cutlets are a staple of the Japanese street food of today and served with a savory-sweet sauce that makes them out of this world!

Recommended Pairing: Hawaiian Slaw

Lemon-Dill Marinated Bronzini with Tzatziki Sauce (GF, NF, SF)

Healthy and light bronzini with dill and bright citrus, pan seared and served with a fresh and creamy cucumber tzatziki sauce.  Best accompanied by a warm summer evening and a glass of white wine.   

Recommended Side: Mushroom and Smoked Gouda Mac n Cheese

Something Simple I:
Swedish Meatballs over Buttered Egg Noodles (F) (SF, NF)

Swedish meatballs - the mother of all meatballs! Nothing beats homemade meatballs smothered in a creamy gravy sauce, and yes, they taste so much better than the IKEA version!

Recommended pairing: Chilled Carrot-Ginger Soup

Something Simple II:
Pan-Fried Polenta with Turkey Sausage, Peppers & Onions (F) (SF, NF, GF)

Pan-frying polenta is a great way to enjoy this dish since you get the crispy exterior, and the creamy inside as well. Topping it with sauteed sausage and pepper/onion mix is what takes this dish from good to delectable! You will be sure to want more!

Recommended pairing: Turkey Antipasti Salad

The Kid's Corner:
Turkey Sloppy Joe Melts (SF, NF)

Who doesn’t love a good Sloppy Joe? I decided to make it for dinner the other night, so instead of doing the normal Sloppy Joe on a bun, I decided to switch it up and do Sloppy Joe Melts instead. It was sinfully delicious!

Dessert Corner:
Blueberry Crumb Pie (F) (NF, SF)

My favorite pie of all is blueberry. The perfect summer treat!


Ratatouille (The dish, not the movie!) (F) (GF, DF, SF, NF)

I can’t let the summer go without making one more ratatouille – onion, green bell pepper, zucchini, basil is at their best this month.

Arroz Con Gandules (F)  (GF, DF, NF, SF)

Aromatic red rice flavored with Canadian bacon and Puerto Rican sofrito and finished with small, meaty pigeon peas.

Note: we can leave the Canadian bacon our of this dish please mention when placing your order.

Hawaiian Slaw  (GF, NF, SF)

The Japanese influence on Hawaiian cooking makes this the perfect pairing for the tonkatsu – fresh cabbage, carrots, pineapple, and a sesame dressing all come together for a perfect marriage of sweet and tangy to make a lovely and delicious side.

Note: Sesame can be removed for allergies.

Mushroom and Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese (F) (NF, SF)

A comforting combination of meaty sautéed mushrooms and penne pasta coated in a creamy, smoky sauce.  Topped with crunchy panko and baked golden brown. 

Chilled Carrot-Ginger Soup (F)  (GF, NF, DF, SF)

This soup is velvety smooth and PACKED with healthy ingredients and can be served hot or cold, so it’s perfect any time of year! We garnish with pomegranate arils and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Turkey Antipasti Salad (GF, NF, SF)

We’ve turned a beloved Italian appetizer into a colorful and delicious salad that makes a satisfying meal for lunch or a light dinner. You can add other favorites, like a few olives or a tablespoon or two of canned beans per serving, as you like.

Note: This dish is pork free and can be prepared without the turkey if you would like a vegetarian option.

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