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To My Prospective Customers and Lovers of Fine Food

Have you ever tallied how much you spend on a weekly basis at Whole Foods, Giant, and Farmers Markets? Not to mention skyrocketing gas prices and you still have to do the driving, shopping, cooking, Clean up, or settle for processed food and take outs? Hiring a Personal Chef could be good for your budget as well as for your health.

How Does it Work?

  • Every Wednesday you will receive via a menu via with a choice of 6-7 Entrees and 6-7 Side Dishes. You will be able to customize your menu for the week by choosing the number of Entrees and Side Dishes and the number of servings, depending on the size of your household. You can skip a day if you are going out for the evening or a week if you will be out of town. You can also increase the number of servings for a day or the week if your parents, in-laws, or other guests are in town. Our minimum order is 3 entrees and 3 side dishes for free delivery.

  • You have to place the order for the next week no later than 5pm on Thursday of each week.

  • I cook healthy and seasonal food and you will never eat the same dish twice during the year (unless requested by popular demand). All the food is packaged in labeled Pyrex Containers and food containers. I make the trip once a week to Amish Country to buy fresh and organic produce and ingredients at different food stands and farms.

  • Each week you will have a selection of one of each Poultry, Beef, Pork, Seafood, Something Simple and a Chef’s Wild Card. and I introduce a lot of vegetables and grains in my menus.

  • We will deliver your meals Sunday at a mutually agreed convenient time for both of us.

  • We use fully insulated bags designed for extended transport, which will provide for safe and sanitary conditions when we deliver meals to your home or office.

  • On delivery day, you will receive an email with easy to follow Reheating & Plating Instructions.


Minimum of 3 Entrées and 3 side dishes per week per order.
Pricing includes grocery cost, cooking and delivery of your meals.


I accept all major credit cards, Venmo, Pay Pal, Cash App, Zelle, Cash, Check (existing customers only)


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