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Chef B Meals
Weekly Meal Prep
April 17th

Thank you for ordering with Chef B Meals. We are excited to announce the launch of Monthly meal prep menu. Now you can order for the entire month! Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure a smooth ordering and delivery process.

Each package will be delivered per the delivery date.

You cannot change the order of the meal prep.

When you click the number of people, please choose from the drop down how many entrees and sides you would like. Please manually write in your entree and side options.

To add all of your meal prep options for the month, please add each package individually.

ADD ON SIDES: For add ons, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and add it to your cart as an additional item. You cannot write in add ons in your order.

We are happy to offer a discount for those that order their entire meal prep in advance If you choose to order all 4 meal prep packages for the month of April, please use the code


 for 10% off of your entire order.

Delivery is free within 25 miles of our kitchen. Outside our delivery zone is $25. 

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